Monday, January 16, 2012

Alot has changed

I was really surprised to find that Blogger has kept all my posts since the beginning in 2006.

I was reminded of so many things God has done as I read through many of the old posts. Many victories we saw in ministry and life, I had completely forgotten. I don't want to forget these things.

And I want to share them.

Let's see how it goes.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

When talent isn't enough...

I'm not hating, I promise.

However, I think there is a lesson to be learned from all the hype surrounding the "big 3" (Wade, Bosch, James). There's so much talent on the Heat team, it's hard to consider that as of today they have a record of 9-8.

They are phenomenal players. Amazing talent. Huge potential.

But something is missing.

When I have watched the Heat lose games, it's not because they are playing better teams. For the most part, it's teams that are doing the little things. Repeatedly.

Rebounds. Ball movement. Aggressive defense.

Those 3 things will win ball games, even if you aren't the most talented team on the floor.

There is a parallel to who we have on our teams in ministry.

Sometimes we buy into the hype that only the most talented people are needed for our teams to win. Talent is important, but don't overlook some basics that make a phenomenal team player:

1. A teachable attitude--it's hard to teach someone who knows everything. Worse yet, it's difficult for them to admit they are wrong. More time will be spent in regret and dealing with issues than moving forward. Let them serve else where.

2. A bias toward action--it's much easier (and more enjoyable) to have to pull the reigns back on an aggressive person than it is to motivate the lazy. I'll take the prior any day over the former. You will never be able to adequately motivate someone who is lazy. Look for those who spend more time problem solving than excuse making.

3. A passion for Jesus--yep. Should be without saying. Should be.
No talent will ever be big enough to eclipse a love for Jesus that influences others. This passion will weave through every fiber of their being...and your ministry. Never settle for spiritual apathy.

I hope the Heat pull out of the slump and play some basketball. It could be really fun to watch.

It's far more fun to watch teams function as a Biblical community and live out the Gospel.

The future for the Church looks incredible. I'm glad we get to be part of it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Never assume...


Clearly the officers assumed the prisoner would stay in the car.

"I didn't think the window would roll down". "He's a nice guy. He'll let us arrest him!" Who knows what these two guys were thinking. Actually, what were they assuming would happen?

Assumptions can be a killer.

I know the truth about assumptions first hand and you probably do too.

If you serve in student ministry, assumptions can have a more profound, far reaching affect than we realize. Or want to admit.

"Guests know they are welcome. We tell them we were glad to see them when they came!"
"Students know we care about them. We invite them to come back to church all the time."
"Isn't it obvious how to get connected to our ministry?"

Here's a good evaluation: "Inspect what you expect."

Inspect what you've been assuming. Be sure guests are welcome. Make certain students feel loved and cared for. Is getting connected to your ministry easy, obvious and relational?

It's way better to inspect now and know for sure than sitting sitting in the front seat watching your "fugitive" run off.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Too many messages

My gym is an interesting place.

Among other things, their method of advertisement of local businesses can be confusing. This table with local literature is near the entrance to make sure everyone sees it.

The problem is, there are so many messages on the table that a single one can't be discerned. It will take so long to sort through all of the messages it's just easier to ignore them completely.

Student ministry can look alot like this table.

Sometimes our calendars are so packed that nothing of importance really stands out. Competing programs scream for everyone's attention, but they all sound the same.

What does the "table" of your student ministry look like?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shared content at Christ Fellowship Miami

Christ Fellowship Miami recently showed this video at our weekend services clarifying our philosophy of shared content teaching.

About 36 weeks per year, CF Kids, CF Students and our adults align in our weekend teaching. For 16 weeks a year, the student ministry covers topics from our  scope and sequence.

Shared content reinforces CF's commitment to reaching the whole family. I'm excited to see how this will continue to influence families in Miami!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fight the stereotype!

I saw this video by the guys at SYMC 10 and couldn't quit laughing.

Pretty funny take on guys in student ministry. It's for sure a step up from making paper airplanes all day!

Fight the Youth Pastor stereotype!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

8 days in Haiti

Here's the ironic thing about this post: I can think of 2000 things that should be articulated, but can't figure out quite how to say them. Even after being home a few days.

Haiti is just that kind of place right now.

We partnered with a church in Leogone, Haiti...about an hour outside the capital of Port Au Prince.

Our prayer was that the Gospel would bring healing more than our nurses or our supplies or anything else we could do. We saw some great things last week:

-12 people began a relationship with Jesus.
-almost 800 patients were attended to by our nurses
-Unicef and the UN are providing some shelter, food and clean up for the church.

During one of our meetings with the UN, I saw this chart on the commander's wall; a sad reminder of how 5 seconds can change so many lives.

I'll keep thinking. As I organize the thoughts, I'll put them here.